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Purchase & Sale

At Lundtauto Classic, we purchase and sell classic sports cars and other automotive rarities since more than 30 years. But we do also offer a wide range of cars for other purposes like daily Drivers, real racecars and really rare models like the famous GT models. Most of the vehicles are coming from our customer base and have been serviced at Lundtauto SportwagenService for many years. In addition, we sell fully restored (always true to the original) verhicles which we purchased in advance. Furthermore, we advise clients on vehicle purchase and also provide inspections of vehicles if needed – contact us.


We purchase actively Porsche vehicles not younger than build after 1998 (focus on air-cooled vehicles). When looking for such vehicles the condition of the vehicle is not as important as its originality and quality. Because through our service & restoration expertes at Lundtauto SportwagenService we are able to bring any vehicle back into shape – from bodywork to engine technology. Please do not hesitate to contact if you want to sell your vehicle: contact us.


You want to get rid of your vehicle? Well we are here to help you, please feel free to contact us. We will find your vehicle a new owner who will take care of it as much as you did. In the meantime please find our vehicle stock or browse our sold vehicles.