We trade in highly collectible sports cars

At Lundtauto Classic, we buy and sell classic sports cars and other automotive rarities. We advise clients on vehicle purchase and also provide inspections of vehicles as needed..

Our values:

A fascination for Porsche has been a driver of our passion at Lundtauto for more than 35 years now. The fact that approximately two thirds of all Porsches built are still on roads around the world demonstrates the profound strength of the brand. Coupled with expertise in maintenance, repair and restoration of Lundtauto SportwagenService, we have made it our business to deal with classic Porsches in any condition..

Purchase & Sale:

We provide vehicles (partly from our own customer base at Lundtauto SportwagenService) and support you in finding your dream car. Whether you are looking for a mint condition vehicle or a rare bargain, we know how to source the most interesting possibilities. Please feel free to contact us.

Vehicle inventory:

Our vehicle range covers a diverse and unique product portfolio that goes beyond the Porsche brand. You are always welcome for a visit. Here you can have a look at out actual inventory